Just got back from a fantastic TRVS in Amsterdam. It was a great conference, lots of exciting talks and some great conversations at the poster sessions. I gave a talk on development of 2D IR spectroelectrochemistry and a poster on water vibrational dynamics in superconcentrated electrolytes. Melissa also gave a great poster on spectroelectrochemistry and Seung Yeon won the poster prize discuss developments in FEIR. Congratulations Seung Yeon!

I also took the opportunity to participate in De Maasdijk marathon in Oss. It definitely didn’t go according to plan. It was a hot day and I wasn’t successful at resting during the week prior — the conference had to come first! It was a lovely course though, through the Dutch countryside. Mostly along the dike with the occasional jaunt through a few tiny villages. Held on to place 15th, but didn’t even come close to my time goal. Next time!

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