We study the molecular-scale structural dynamics of complex solutions using ultrafast IR spectroscopy. Our current focus is on water and ions in the electrochemical interface and in confined environments.

Our work is closely integrated with the Tokmakoff Group.

The Electrochemical Interface

A major focus of our work is to understand the structure and dynamics of the electrode-electrolyte interface with molecular detail, based on experimental insight. Our goal is to understand how the solvent, ions and other chemical species organize themselves in response to macroscopic electrochemical potential, and how the dynamics of these species change in response to changes in the environment. The core of our current work is based on using vibrational probes, such as carbonyl groups, functionalized as monolayers on the electrode surface, which we can interrogate with advanced vibrational spectroscopic techniques, primarily 2D IR spectroscopy.

Experimental Development

To address our scientific goals we have a strong emphasis on developing new spectroscopic techniques. Our recent effort has been on developing a 2D IR spectrometer that is capable of operating in an ATR modality, to provide access to surface-bound species. These techniques provide us with unique capabilities and allow us to answer unique scientific questions.

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