Participated this past weekend in the 50K distance of the Big Bear Squatch North organized by the Sassquad in the Harriman and Bear Mountain State Parks in the Hudson River valley. This course was no joke! Coming off a serious foot and ankle injury a few months ago meant that I simply couldn’t trust my ankle and move well on the technical terrain, especially the descents. Unfortunately for me almost the entire course was highly technical, and almost none of it was runnable! The slower than expected pace due to the ankle issues resulted in getting seriously dehydrated, which then totally screwed up my nutrition plan, and the problems just compounded one on top of the other. So I couldn’t finish in the time I was hoping, but it was still wonderful to get out into the forest and revisit some trails that I hiked when I was young. Finished in 9 hours and 9 minutes, 66th place overall.

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